Reducing The Tamper Risk Of Your Company's Products

Unfortunately, there are many businesses that will have to contend with substantial security threats to the products that they are shipping to their customers. This can be especially common for high-value items as they can often be a high-priority target for theft.

Provide Tamper Resistant Packaging  

Tamper-resistant packaging can be an important tool for minimizing the risk of your products being targeted before they reach a customer or even while they are sitting on the shelves of stores waiting to be bought. This type of packaging can include a number of design options that will make it far harder for individuals to discretely open the container. In addition to materials that will have to be torn to be opened, these packaging options may also utilize hologram security seals that will be able to alert individuals if the container has been opened.

Hologram Security Seals Can Be Fully Customized

When buying hologram security seals for your tamper-resistant packing, you will be able to arrange for this seal to be fully customized. This will include both the size of the seal along with the information that is displayed on the hologram. Not surprisingly, many businesses will invest in having the hologram customized to use their branding. In addition to making this feature look more professional, this will also reduce the risk of individuals being able to buy security seals to reclose a package after tampering with it.

The thickness of the hologram security seal will be another consideration as you will want one that is thick and strong enough to resist being easily cut with a razor blade. When attempting to circumvent these security seals, a person may attempt to discreetly cut the seal in a way that will be difficult for others to notice. However, a seal that is designed to be difficult to cut in a smooth way will compromise their ability to do this.

The Adhesive Backing For The Hologram Security Seals Can Provide Additional Evidence

One feature that people may not be aware of until they order hologram security seals will be the role that the adhesive backing will play. Many of these seals are designed with an adhesive backing that will leave a visible mark if the seal is torn off of it. This will alert individuals to potential tampering in the event that a person attempts to remove the hologram seal outright. Additionally, these adhesives can be strong enough to remove portions of the exterior packaging during the removal, which can also be a major indicator that the packaging may be compromised.

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