Can You Still Benefit From Linear TV Advertising?

Traditional television advertising is known as linear TV advertising and allows for commercial advertising during a person's normal television viewing experience. While many people have converted to over the top television viewing, also known as OTT, there are still people who tune into television via going to a specific channel and watching live television and the accompanying ads that go with it.

Can you still benefit from linear TV advertising? Absolutely, provided you understand how to reach the best demographic for you. The benefit of linear TV advertising is its somewhat predictability: you use the viewership and average ages of consumers watching specific shows at certain times of day to determine what type of advertising works best. Here are ways you can still benefit from linear TV advertising.

You choose when and where your ads will place

Think about your product or service: are you a local business? If so, you want to promote your business during local television broadcasts, such as during the morning or evening local news. You reach the consumers who might be most likely to go to your business because they are involved in local events.

Are you more global or national in your product line? Then consider the times of day that certain-aged viewers watch TV. For example, if you promote children's products, you'll want to interject commercials into children's shows during early morning or after school hours so you reach the demographic you want.

You get more potential connection

With OTT advertising, ads are geared more towards past viewership and searches of viewers, so the ads themselves can seem more personal and relevant to viewers. However, when you focus on linear TV advertising instead or in addition to other marketing strategies, you hit a demographic that may be overlooked with OTT ad targeting. Since viewers who would most benefit from linear TV advertising have to wait out a commercial break to get back to their shows quickly, they may stick around and put in active interest in the commercial efforts you put in.

TV advertising is still a beneficial way to market a product, idea, or service to the general public. Traditional linear TV advertising still works and has its place with many customers. You can use this type of advertising in addition to other marketing efforts or as a stand-alone marketing tactic. Measure the results of your TV advertising targeting and see which ads are doing well and which ones may need to be altered to get better results. 


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