Six Strategies for Finding More Real Estate Clients

Working as a real estate agent can be a very rewarding career, but some agents struggle to find enough clients to get their business going, especially when they first start out. Word of mouth is always your best marketing strategy. Do a good job for your clients, and they will recommend you to their friends and family members. But beyond simply doing a great job, here are six strategies to help you find more real estate clients.

1. Localize your web content.

Posting blogs and helpful articles to your website will help paint you as an expert that homeowners and house buyers seek out. However, you want to ensure that those who find your website are actually in your local area. The way to achieve this is to include plenty of local content. Write blog posts about the housing market in your area, about local events, and about the school districts near you, for example. You can include some more general posts about topics like the importance of a second bathroom, but make sure you sprinkle them in with a majority of more localized content.

2. Attend seminars.

Whenever there is a real estate seminar in your local area, make it your priority to be there. And once you are there, network, network, network. Strike up conversations not so much with other agents, but with home inspectors, brokers, and contractors. These people will remember your name and recommend you when they have a client who needs real estate services.

3. Post videos.

You can express a lot in video form that you just can't capture in a picture—or 1,000 written words. Post a few videos on your website of you explaining your passion for real estate, talking about topics like selecting a good neighborhood, or even walking clients through a home. By watching these videos, potential clients will start to feel like they're getting to know you personally, which will make them feel more comfortable hiring you.

4. Go to open houses.

Every weekend, make it your goal to attend at least one open house hosting by another agent, even if you do not have a client interested in that home. You may run into shoppers who are not yet represented and who need an agent. Ask the agent running the open house if you can leave some of your cards at the door. They'll often agree to this if you allow them to do the same at your open houses.

5. Volunteer for housing-related causes.

If there are any groups in your area that help rehab homes for low-income families, build homes for veterans, or the like, join them and attend a few events. You will get to know others in the industry, and the organizations may be happy to share some publicity with you in exchange for your help with their causes. Clients like to hire agents who are involved and supportive of the local community, and what better way to get involved than with a local housing group?

6. Advertise in your yard.

If you own your own home, plant a sign in your front yard. Make sure it includes a little carrier to hold some of your business cards. The sign should not say "for sale," but rather, "I'm an agent." People who are driving around the neighborhood house-hunting will stop, and your neighbors will come to know you as "the real estate agent down the street." 

Marketing yourself as a real estate agent takes some creativity, but it can be done. For best results implement a few of the strategies above, and adjust as needed. Reach out to a real estate agent advertising business for more information.

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