New Tech Company And Having An Event? Some Entertainment Ideas

If you have a new tech company, holding an event is a great way to let your customers learn more about you. It is important, however, that you make the event entertaining for them so they will stick around. Below are some ideas to help you get started doing this so your event will be a success.

Put on A Light Show

There are companies that provide jugglers that can provide you with a fascinating light show. They use several hula hoops that have been fitted with bright lights. They twirl the hoops around their waist, their hands, their feet, and even their neck to provide a visual effect your clients will not soon forget. This works great because you have a tech company.

Your clients can take selfies in front of the lights and other photos they can share on social media. They will likely put in the comments where they saw the light show so your company name will get out there.

Set Up a Technology Table

Because you have a tech company, set up a table showcasing your products and gadgets. Have someone behind the table explaining what each product does.  If you sell software, have an employee demonstrate it to the people at the event. This will entice them to make a purchase and they may even put in an order before they leave. If you have new technology products coming out soon, this would be the perfect place to showcase them.

Hire Waitpersons

If you are serving a sit down dinner at your event, hire waitpersons to take each person's order, much like a restaurant. If you hired a caterer to provide the food, they can likely provide staff for you. Ask the waitpersons to check on people throughout the evening and keep their glasses filled, as well as their plates.

Have a Dessert Table

Most people like dessert after a meal. For this reason, have a dessert table set up, but offer unique desserts. For example, you could have fortune cookies on a pick with a bowl of chocolate sauce. The clients can dip their fortune cookie in the chocolate sauce and then get their fortune when they are finished eating.

Choose a tech theme since you have this type of company. Hire a baker to make a cake in the shape of a laptop or cookies in the shape of smartphones.

Look through magazines and do some research to come up with even more corporate event and client entertainment ideas.

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