Marketing Tips For Colleges

If you are a college that is looking to improve the number of students that apply to your school in order to deflate your acceptance percentages or you are simply looking to attract a wider, more diverse set of applicants, you are best off going with a marketing firm that is able to work with colleges and creating a cohesive marketing plan. Here are some tips for a successful higher education marketing campaign.

1. Create a Digital Alumni Magazine

One of the ways that colleges become popular is through word-of-mouth and there is no better group of people to provide that word-of-mouth advertising than people who have actually benefited from the college by graduating and getting a successful degree. Create an alumni magazine online to help bring the community of alumni together, highlight accomplishments that alumni have garnered, and advertise alumni events. Simply by having a digital magazine, colleges are able to make people think about the college that they went to and realize how much it was able to jump start their careers and provide an enjoyable experience. Producing an online magazine reduces the obstacle of having to pay for printing and distribution and is a relatively easy way to make alumni think warmly about their colleges. This will make them more likely to recommend the college to anyone who asks.

2. Start a Student-Run Site Detailing Life at the College and Include it With Admissions Material

Provide funds to start a student run site that talks about life on the campus of your college. This is going to appeal to the students who will actually be making the decision about which college to attend because it won't contain the standard admissions buzzwords such as "opportunities to study abroad" and "newly renovated fitness facilities." Instead, there will be detailed stories about students who had the chance to study abroad and what they were able to do in the different countries or sports clubs that students had started on their own and used to get fit. Students care more about people who are like them and admissions counselors are usually far removed from high school seniors. College kids are much closer.

3. Create Social Media Accounts For Each Department

Today's high school seniors use social media for most of their information. If you create social media accounts for the admissions department, the various schools in your university, and the sports department, you will give students the opportunity to reach out to talk to each of these departments over social media and give the departments the chance to answer the students' questions.

For more information, talk to a marketing agency for colleges.   

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