Small Computer Support Business Taking Off? Tips To Bring Even More Customers To Your Website

If you have a small computer support business that is growing, you can grow it even more by bringing people to your website. This allows them to see what you can offer them, as well as to learn things about your industry. Follow the tips below, and before you know it you will have to hire help to keep up with all of the work you will have to do.  

Use Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a method of doing business online. Instead of doing things like making cold calls, purchasing email lists, and paying for advertisement slots on websites to build up customers, you pull people to your website by providing them with quality content.

When developing your inbound marketing campaign consider your website design. It should be easy for your customers to use. Include drop down menus, use fonts that are easy to read, and do not put too much clutter onto each page. Make it easy for customers to find your products or the service you are offering, and they will come back.

The average attention span of a person is only eight seconds, and only 4% of people spend more than 10 minutes on a website. For this reason, do not write a 20,000-word essay on one of your products and expect it to be read. Instead, create visual content by taking pictures of your products, or using videos showing your customers how to do something.

Make sure the content you provide is high quality and unique. Do not put content on your website that readers can find anywhere, but instead go out of the box and provide them with something different. For example, instead of telling your customers how to remove a virus from their computer, focus on a specific virus, and tell them how the virus works along with how to remove it. 

If you are not knowledgeable about inbound marketing, you should consider hiring a professional to set it up for you.

Set Up a Blog

Your website is to sell your products or services and has to be more professional. A blog, however, can be much more relaxed, and a place you can "talk" to your customers. Write unique, well-written posts each day for your blog. The posts should be something they can quickly read. Allow people to leave comments, and ask them questions so they can reply to you. For example, you may write a post about laptops and tablets, and ask people to comment about what they prefer to use. 

You could ask someone that has a successful online business to guest post on your blog. In turn, you would allow them to leave their website address with their post to generate traffic for them.  Put how to videos on your blog, or run a type of contest. This is a place for you to be much more casual, and have fun with your customers and potential customers.

Inbound marketing and setting up a blog are just two ways you can generate traffic to your website. Do your research to learn of other things you can do. Contact a local company, such as Ariad Partners LLC, for further assistance.

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