Use A Website To Get Your New Landscaping Business Off The Ground

If you have started a new landscaping business, you need to do some things to get it off the ground. One thing you should do is to set up a website. This will not ensure you become a success overnight, but it can help you become successful sooner. Below are two tips on how to have a success website for your new business.

Website Design

If you are not experienced with website design, hire someone to do this for you.  The person you hire should be experienced. Ask them if they have a portfolio and can show you past websites they have designed.

The main thing your visitors are looking for are the services that your business offers, and this should be easy for them to find. Because of this, the designer will make sure your website is not too cluttered. This means not using a lot of videos or images, so the services that you have listed will stand out to them. The last thing you want your visitors to be is confused, as they will likely leave your website, and find one that is more useful for them.

Make sure the website designer details your landscaping background, experience, and any credentials you may have to give you credibility. This will help people feel more confident when hiring you for their landscaping needs.

Website Content

The content that you put on your website should be unique and helpful for your readers. For example, if you offer flowerbed design, talk about planting flowers. Instead of telling them how to plant flowers, however, list how to plant different types of flowers, the amount of water each flower requires, and if they should be planted in full sun, full shade, part sun/part shade. You could write how to articles, telling your readers how to fertilize their flowers, and why it is important for them to do so.

If it is at the end of the season, write an article about how to prepare their gardens for winter. If it is at the beginning of the season, tell your readers how to get their flower gardens ready for planting.

If you are not an experienced web content writer, consider hiring someone or a service to do this for you.

Once you have your new website set up, you may want to consider hiring an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist to help drive traffic to your site. 

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