Announcing Your Bar And Restaurant's Grand Opening

If you are opening a new bar and restaurant and you live along a coastal area where there are several tourists, you have several options available to spread the word about your grand opening. Here are a few ideas you can use in a beach town to advertise the opening of your establishment so you have a great opening night!

Set Up A Beach Site

Place a few beach chairs in the middle of a busy area along the shoreline and have a few of your employees hang out in this area for several hours on sunny days several days leading up to the grand opening. Have them clad in bathing suits that have the name of your bar and restaurant written across the bottoms and have them wear T-shirts with this information as well. They can place beach balls, umbrellas, and towels with the company name printed upon them so spectators see them as they walk past the site. If music is allowed, have them play fun beach music for others in the area. These people will attract attention, and they can tell people on the beach about the grand opening.

Hire An Airplane

Consider using aerial advertising to get people to your establishment. You can have planes fly up and down the coastline with a banner on the back of them informing people about the date of the opening and any specials you have in place for that evening. Many people travelling in beach towns are unsure about where to have a bite to eat or where to head out for a night of entertainment. Seeing advertising will jog their brain when they are hungry, and they may remember the name of your business because they had seen it earlier. Visit High Exposure Inc Aerial Advertising if you're interested in aerial advertising.

Advertise In Town

While you want to cater to the travelers in your area, it is a good idea to advertise so locals will carry your business through the off-season. Place discount coupons on bulletin boards in local advertising areas such as your local library or in grocery store foyers. Make sure to advertise via social media and post grand opening advertisements on town pages so people who live in these towns will be likely to see your notices. Place magnets on a few of your employee's vehicles and have them keep them in place as they do their daily tasks in town. This will gain attention when they are stopped at traffic lights, stop signs, or parked in public lots.

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